Computer Applications in Translation

Technology is playing an important role in the translation profession today. This course aims at raising students awareness in computer tools and applications including software,

translation memories, spell checker, data base banks, concordancers, etc., which assist in the process of translation. It, also, aims at providing students with practical training on these translation tools and software. Students are also trained to get acquainted with dictionaries and the web sites related to the field.

The general objectives of this course are:

  • Raising awareness of the importance of computer applications to translation Providing students with knowledge about using computer in translation,
  • Providing students with information on computer software and tools which aid in translation process
  • Ability to establish terms banks using Termex, MultiTerm, LogiTerm, etc. programs.
  • Knowledge of the major computer TOOLS used in the this field including globalsight, gtranslator, localize, and omega T, for instance.
  •  Introducing students to e-dictionaries.

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